New House!

Not done yet....

Not done yet….

Tori made the windows!

Tori made the windows!

Well, it’s not done yet. I am working on window boxes and other details. As you can probably see, the pringles can i used as a base is showing through because WE FORGOT TO USE BROWN PAPER FIRST GAHHHH. DX
Oh well. Instead of just taking all the sticks off and gluing it again, I’m going to glue on more sticks to try to cover up Mr. Pringles over here. I might get some bark looking crackle paint too. that would be cool. but i don’t want to mess up the curtains. Tori made them really nice. That red material in the curtains is old pine needles and the blue is yawn (Yeah i cheated :P)
Any thoughts or opinions? leave a comment! ^_^


One response

  1. Cool House Ariana! The pringles can doesn’t show up as much in the picture! Have fun finishing it. Make sure to post the finished results. It was super fun making this with you. Have you finished the other building yet? I don’t know if you should post that one, but from what i saw you make, it looked awesome! Dont stop making your fairy town!!! – Tori

    October 3, 2013 at 1:45 am

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