To Garden or Not to Garden

Flower Steps


Autumn quickly approaches–

Actually no. It’s here and it’s sitting on me and I can’t out from under it because IT’S SOOO COLLDDDD. I hate the cold sooo much. And the heater in my house is broken 😦 
I want to cherish the last few days of warmth that mother nature might produce and go outside but I’m hesitant to spend any money on gardening supplies because I’m trying to save up for a 3DS. There’s a tree in my backyard that has this really weird lump but i wan’t to put a mini village on it so it won’t be super noticeable and even if you did notice it you would need a magnifying glass to look at it. The problem is there isn’t much color around the tree and i want to plant flowers near it to brighten it up a bit.
To be continued. Class is over for now.
Time to go to math >_<


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