Vegan Snack Time!

It’s miso soup time!


This is an under five minute recipe that I love! It’s actually not too bad on sodium and it has high protein and calcium (if you include the same toppings as me)

So let’s get started!



First, get yourself some miso. I got red miso paste from Whole foods. There are many colors, and I don’t know what each one tastes like, but I believe restaurants usually use red or white miso.


Cut up a bunch of medium firm tofu and set it aside. You don’t need much, only about a fourth of a regular sized block.

image-1Get a teaspoon of miso and add it to half a cup of water. bring it right below a boil.



Then add the tofu!image

Put in a bowl and add nori if you want to. I personally think it adds a nice kick, but don’t let it get soggy.



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