Beyond Meat Review



Beyond Meat has certainly done a good job advertising. They’ve even caught the attention of Alton Brown, and the news seems to think they are pretty great too. And while they certainly have captured a certain chicken flavor that many faux meats haven’t achieved, the best I can describe it as is chicken pesto. As far as texture goes, it’s somewhere between extra firm tofu and meat, but it’s a bit chewy and the outside skin is pretty tough. After I peeled the skin, it actually tasted much better to me.

Morning star makes a lot of good breakfast foods and the sausage texture is spot on. The bacon is rather like a bacon flavored potato chip… but it’s good on BLTs. They also have nice hot dogs and corn dogs.

Gardein makes pretty good burgers and I think they might make ground beef as well, but I usually get morning star ground beef so I can’t say if it’s better or worse.

The real treasure for fake meat (in my opinion, anyway) comes from vietnamese stores. I don’t know if they have these most places, but I live close to little Saigon so we have two big vietnamese super markets. They have an ENORMOUS section of fake meat that has the BEST texture of all of them. I think this is probably because of how many Buddhists are vegetarians, so they’ve been at this for a lot longer than the west. Note to strict vegans though: most of these contain whey, a product of milk. I don’t worry too much about the whey since they use so little.


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