My Newest Piece!



I recently visited beautiful San Juan Capastrano for father’s day. It’s a tradition in my family. Last year, I discovered a shop that sells all sorts of garden supplies and shiny nicknacks.image-2 image-1 There’s a cat there named Peter and the whole building is just adorable. image-7

They sell a lot of succulent plants, as well as things native to our dry California area. image-6One thing I especially like is their hand crafted items. Many of the thing’s sold in the store and made by the family that owns it. It’s a mother and daughter who bought and restored an old cottage to it’s original beauty. The floor is really cute too in the main room. It’s a pink rose pattern on the wood panels, and though it’s faded, one can imagine it used to be a child’s room.





I ended up buying a small sugar cup from a child’s tea set. it was made in England, probably in the 1900s (it had real gold designs on it) and I filled it up with moss.



After that, I glued the sugar cup to a unique stone and added dried flowers. Then, I added a tilandsia inside to finish it off!

It’s worth noting that a hole was drilled in the bottom on the cup so it could be used as a planter. If you put in a plant that needs soil, make sure you have a hole for drainage and make sure also that it won’t grow too quickly for the pot. I almost bought an ivy plant, but my mom warned me against it because she said it would die without enough room.



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