My Newest Piece!



I recently visited beautiful San Juan Capastrano for father’s day. It’s a tradition in my family. Last year, I discovered a shop that sells all sorts of garden supplies and shiny nicknacks.image-2 image-1 There’s a cat there named Peter and the whole building is just adorable. image-7

They sell a lot of succulent plants, as well as things native to our dry California area. image-6One thing I especially like is their hand crafted items. Many of the thing’s sold in the store and made by the family that owns it. It’s a mother and daughter who bought and restored an old cottage to it’s original beauty. The floor is really cute too in the main room. It’s a pink rose pattern on the wood panels, and though it’s faded, one can imagine it used to be a child’s room.





I ended up buying a small sugar cup from a child’s tea set. it was made in England, probably in the 1900s (it had real gold designs on it) and I filled it up with moss.



After that, I glued the sugar cup to a unique stone and added dried flowers. Then, I added a tilandsia inside to finish it off!

It’s worth noting that a hole was drilled in the bottom on the cup so it could be used as a planter. If you put in a plant that needs soil, make sure you have a hole for drainage and make sure also that it won’t grow too quickly for the pot. I almost bought an ivy plant, but my mom warned me against it because she said it would die without enough room.



We Need to Be Careful.

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The pictures are pretty self explanatory, but just look at this! I can’t believe the plants can survive in there, but now that I think about it, most trees (especially citrus) love living in used wine barrels. Something about the fermentation puts a lot of nutrition into the soil. I suppose it makes sense that the corks would be the same! It’s so important to recycle, in big ways and in small ones! Even though they are just corks, I’m glad they’re not going unappreciated. Those corks are nourishing the plants that live in them, even though they might have been tossed away. It’s a good reminder that even if you feel worn out, you’re always capable of contributing to the lives of others. Start a garden guys. Get a fish. You would be helping something out just through that. And besides, these are just so small and cutey pa tooty oh em gee. I definitely want to try this… Now off to find some alcoholics?


Tilandsia… What is it?





Ever heard of an air plant? It seems impossible, but there are plants that don’t need to grow out of the ground. The remarkable Tilandsia genus of plants are all ever greens that require only sunlight, water, and air. I’ve been wanting one for awhile. They’re great for crafts and adding to little villages, especially ball moss. I also really like the color. While many are green, some actually grow in bright pink colors. The flowers are quite large for such small plants, although, they can grow to be very large!


I find it really fascinating that these plants can live on practically nothing. If humans could do that, there would be no war.