My Newest Piece!



I recently visited beautiful San Juan Capastrano for father’s day. It’s a tradition in my family. Last year, I discovered a shop that sells all sorts of garden supplies and shiny nicknacks.image-2 image-1 There’s a cat there named Peter and the whole building is just adorable. image-7

They sell a lot of succulent plants, as well as things native to our dry California area. image-6One thing I especially like is their hand crafted items. Many of the thing’s sold in the store and made by the family that owns it. It’s a mother and daughter who bought and restored an old cottage to it’s original beauty. The floor is really cute too in the main room. It’s a pink rose pattern on the wood panels, and though it’s faded, one can imagine it used to be a child’s room.





I ended up buying a small sugar cup from a child’s tea set. it was made in England, probably in the 1900s (it had real gold designs on it) and I filled it up with moss.



After that, I glued the sugar cup to a unique stone and added dried flowers. Then, I added a tilandsia inside to finish it off!

It’s worth noting that a hole was drilled in the bottom on the cup so it could be used as a planter. If you put in a plant that needs soil, make sure you have a hole for drainage and make sure also that it won’t grow too quickly for the pot. I almost bought an ivy plant, but my mom warned me against it because she said it would die without enough room.



Where is the Snow? :(

photoI just went to Big Bear mountain expecting at least a little bit of snow. I know it’s a dry season, but I did’t expect how little was actually there. The amount of snow was almost nothing, small patches in shady places that were there from a blizzard that happened in early december. It’s really concerning. I made a little house in one of those small patches of snow, but the space that the house is resting on was a spot where there was sunlight shining. I didn’t wipe it away or anything, it’s just that little snow.
I actually think this is really concerning. This is the driest that California has been since we started keeping records. I can’t help but think this is due to global warming, and I can’t help but worry that it might be too late to do anything at this point. That’s not a really positive way of thinking, though, so I’m hoping that if everyone does their part we can still fix this.
Last time Big Bear got this dry it led to bark beetle, which nearly destroyed the entire forest. The lake wasn’t even as low as it is now so I don’t know.
As for the house, it’s made out a pine cone (obviously lol) with bark as the roof and the pine needles were like a shade making thingy ma doodle. (real scientific word right there) The fuzzy worm looking things are like, cusiony chairs.
Yay. A nice winter lodge for the snow faeries! ^_^


Who Watched the Rose Parade?

Who Watched the Rose Parade?I always love the rose parade for the natural floats. The rules say every part must be made of all natural materials and I just love it. Honestly, it amazes me that they are capable of making such incredible floats even with plastic and fake dyes. So, did anyone else watch? I feel bad for the horses. They must be so nervous.

New House!!!


This little house is made out of white polymer clay. Right now it looks kind of princesses-y but I think after i add the roof it will look a bit more mature. I’m going to use black sand paper I just bought for that.

IMG_1895 IMG_1897I based the design off of this house