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“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for    good men to do nothing.”

             — Edmund Burke

The worst thing that anyone could do in this world is be indifferent. And yet, despite our best intentions, most of us are indifferent to lots of issues, even ones that we see everyday. homelessI drive by homeless people who have signs begging for food and money, and it’s not because I don’t want to help them. In fact, in pains me not to. It’s just that I don’t feel like I can help one of those individuals without giving more time and money to them than I have. There are two big differences between animal activism and mainstream activist groups; lot’s of people support mainstream groups to a certain extent, while animal activists are a minority, and while most activists are praised for their good deeds, animal activists are criticized and harassed for their beliefs on a daily basis. This is entirely understandable. We [animal activists] make people uncomfortable because, unlike most other causes, consumers are directly responsible for the death and suffering of animals. Most people can’t handle that. And it’s not because they’re bad or anything. Probably, most of my readers eat meat. There’s a lot of reasons that meat has because a social norm and I would like to get into that. (more…)

Beyond Meat Review



Beyond Meat has certainly done a good job advertising. They’ve even caught the attention of Alton Brown, and the news seems to think they are pretty great too. And while they certainly have captured a certain chicken flavor that many faux meats haven’t achieved, the best I can describe it as is chicken pesto. As far as texture goes, it’s somewhere between extra firm tofu and meat, but it’s a bit chewy and the outside skin is pretty tough. After I peeled the skin, it actually tasted much better to me.

Morning star makes a lot of good breakfast foods and the sausage texture is spot on. The bacon is rather like a bacon flavored potato chip… but it’s good on BLTs. They also have nice hot dogs and corn dogs.

Gardein makes pretty good burgers and I think they might make ground beef as well, but I usually get morning star ground beef so I can’t say if it’s better or worse.

The real treasure for fake meat (in my opinion, anyway) comes from vietnamese stores. I don’t know if they have these most places, but I live close to little Saigon so we have two big vietnamese super markets. They have an ENORMOUS section of fake meat that has the BEST texture of all of them. I think this is probably because of how many Buddhists are vegetarians, so they’ve been at this for a lot longer than the west. Note to strict vegans though: most of these contain whey, a product of milk. I don’t worry too much about the whey since they use so little.

Vegan Snack Time!

It’s miso soup time!



Meat, Part 1

      The hamburger bun is golden brown. The onion looks crisp and spicy. The pickles are undoubtedly crunchy and tangy. Of course, everyone loves their bacon, and the star of the meal is the patty, right?

Well, if by star of the meal you mean heart attack, then yes! Yes, it is. 



The consumption of animal products ›is the leading cause of

  • Osteoporosis
  • ›Kidney Stones
  • ›Diabetes
  • ›Arthritis
  • ›Acne
  • ›Obesity
  • ›Heart Disease
  • ›Cancer

      ›As for the last one, many people tell me, “Oh, but everything nowadays causes cancer!” and as much as I agree that it is much more prevalent, eating animal products is a really big cause and I’m not the only one who thinks so. You can see it here: https://wausaunews.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/big-hospital-finally-telling-the-truth-about-cancer-johns-hopkins/ Where John Hopkins scientists have discovered that cancer eats what you eat. 


Obesity is a major problem in the United States. I can’t speak for other nations because I only live in one of them, but here, 34.9 percent of adults are obese, and it’s not for no reason. The dairy board has somehow convinced our government to tell people that they need to drink four glasses of milk a day. In reality 75 percent of people are lactose intolerant, meaning they cannot digest dairy milk. The ability to digest milk without becoming violently ill has been developed over thousands of years, like resistance to a poison. 
For the 25 percent of you who can digest milk, let’s talk about why you shouldn’t. 

  • Milk is full of antibiotics – necessary because of the close quarters dairy cows are forced to live in. 
  • Milk does indeed have calcium, but our bones don’t absorb it! When we drink milk our body is made acidic, and the calcium from our bones is used to neutralize it. Drinking milk isn’t helping your little ones grow big and strong, no-siry-bob! In fact, people who drink milk have a higher incidence of bone fractures.
  • Dairy Milk is specially made for intense growth of baby cows, just as human milk is made for the slower but still rapid growth of baby humans. When animals drink other animals milk, especially if they aren’t going through rapid growth, they are getting waaaayyyyy more fat and sugar than they need! And that becomes clogged veins and arteries that you don’t want. 
  • The hormones and antibiotics are especially bad for teenagers. It causes acne and in girls in leads to premature development and especially bad cramps. In older people, the hormones are linked to cancer of sexually related organs. 

More information on this here: http://saveourbones.com/osteoporosis-milk-myth/


And radical ones at that. 

       I’ve always been outspoken about the things that I believe, but it’s harder to do that in front of people you know. Many of the people following this blog are my friends and some of them are people that I would like to be my friends. This started out as a crafting blog with a hint of environmentalism, but that didn’t really work out and I became very conflicted. I would start to write posts and never finish because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to talk about: what people want to hear, or what I want to say? I think most people know that I am a vegetarian, but if they actually knew all they believe, I am quite certain I would lose friends. I know that because I’ve already lost friends over it and even my close family members have become angry with me about it. 

      My nuclear family hosts Thanksgiving every year, and that was always pretty great. My mom was stressed about the house not being clean enough for our cousins but the turkey was tender and juicy, the potatoes were fluffy, and the gravy was a river of fat and salt that no one could resist. They didn’t expect that to change when we went vegie. 

      My sister was actually the most upset of anyone. She argued with my mom for hours and hours about how unfair it was that we weren’t cooking turkey. She claimed it was completely unfair of us to keep the others from eating meat in our house, and not only that, but that we had the audacity to say that they couldn’t bring their own meat into our home. Her argument was that it was a tradition to have turkey and we should at least let others bring meat.

      Well, my sister got her way. She ended up bringing chicken curry, a very traditional thanksgiving dish. In her defense though, she was really proud of her recipe and wanted to share it with the family. Thanksgiving was a good time for that. 

      Anyway, I’m a little apprehensive about posting how I feel because whenever I make open statements my opinions are jumped on like raw meat by wild dogs. Despite that, in the interest of keeping my blog from dying, I will try to post. 

      Perhaps it will be interesting. Perhaps you’ll be offended. Perhaps you’ll bask in the glory of having found someone who shares you opinion. Either way, here goes:

      Killing animals is wrong unless it is absolutely necessary for survival. 

      ^ That’s what this blog is about now. 



Willa was a breeding dog in a puppy mill. She was still a puppy herself when she was forced to bear her own pups, and they were taken away from her to be sold at pet stores. My family rescued her and it’s her adoption anniversary! She’s been with us for several years now, and though she is still shy she has come so so far since when we first got her. Willa is why it’s important to always adopt and never to purchase from breeders or pet stores. Every time you buy instead of adopt, a shelter dog is put down because of a major overpopulation problem.

Light bulb Garden



I made one of these! I’ll post a picture soon! ^_^
I used spanish moss.


Beautiful Pokemon

I’ve been so unsure about what 3DS game to buy. I really want to get Pokemon X, but I also want Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I’m definitely leaning towards Pokemon because it seems to be more popular with my friends so we can trade together. Another thing is, there are just soooo many beautiful pokemon! And the new fairy type? Well, anyone who has been keeping up with my blog knows how I love fairies… lol.


I know it’s just a game, but I feel like the art really captures a lot of natural beauty.

Anyway, thinking about Pokemon, I feel up to a good old fashioned debate. What’s your opinion on evolution? *unambiguously leaves people unsure whether writer means real and or Pokemon evolution*
Alright, alright. How do you feel about evolution in pokemon when talking about real life? For those who agree with evolution, do you think pokemon’s version is accurate? (think hard on that one)
And for those who think evolution is a bunch of hoodoo, is pokemon forcing evolution on kids who play it?
And a tip for any of my readers who may get into heated discussion: Just say something nice all of a sudden in the middle of the conversation. It will take the other person by surprise and reset things.


Who Watched the Rose Parade?

Who Watched the Rose Parade?I always love the rose parade for the natural floats. The rules say every part must be made of all natural materials and I just love it. Honestly, it amazes me that they are capable of making such incredible floats even with plastic and fake dyes. So, did anyone else watch? I feel bad for the horses. They must be so nervous.