The pictures are pretty self explanatory, but just look at this! I can’t believe the plants can survive in there, but now that I think about it, most trees (especially citrus) love living in used wine barrels. Something about the fermentation puts a lot of nutrition into the soil. I suppose it makes sense that the corks would be the same! It’s so important to recycle, in big ways and in small ones! Even though they are just corks, I’m glad they’re not going unappreciated. Those corks are nourishing the plants that live in them, even though they might have been tossed away. It’s a good reminder that even if you feel worn out, you’re always capable of contributing to the lives of others. Start a garden guys. Get a fish. You would be helping something out just through that. And besides, these are just so small and cutey pa tooty oh em gee. I definitely want to try this… Now off to find some alcoholics?



Beautiful Pokemon

I’ve been so unsure about what 3DS game to buy. I really want to get Pokemon X, but I also want Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I’m definitely leaning towards Pokemon because it seems to be more popular with my friends so we can trade together. Another thing is, there are just soooo many beautiful pokemon! And the new fairy type? Well, anyone who has been keeping up with my blog knows how I love fairies… lol.


I know it’s just a game, but I feel like the art really captures a lot of natural beauty.

Anyway, thinking about Pokemon, I feel up to a good old fashioned debate. What’s your opinion on evolution? *unambiguously leaves people unsure whether writer means real and or Pokemon evolution*
Alright, alright. How do you feel about evolution in pokemon when talking about real life? For those who agree with evolution, do you think pokemon’s version is accurate? (think hard on that one)
And for those who think evolution is a bunch of hoodoo, is pokemon forcing evolution on kids who play it?
And a tip for any of my readers who may get into heated discussion: Just say something nice all of a sudden in the middle of the conversation. It will take the other person by surprise and reset things.

Where is the Snow? :(

photoI just went to Big Bear mountain expecting at least a little bit of snow. I know it’s a dry season, but I did’t expect how little was actually there. The amount of snow was almost nothing, small patches in shady places that were there from a blizzard that happened in early december. It’s really concerning. I made a little house in one of those small patches of snow, but the space that the house is resting on was a spot where there was sunlight shining. I didn’t wipe it away or anything, it’s just that little snow.
I actually think this is really concerning. This is the driest that California has been since we started keeping records. I can’t help but think this is due to global warming, and I can’t help but worry that it might be too late to do anything at this point. That’s not a really positive way of thinking, though, so I’m hoping that if everyone does their part we can still fix this.
Last time Big Bear got this dry it led to bark beetle, which nearly destroyed the entire forest. The lake wasn’t even as low as it is now so I don’t know.
As for the house, it’s made out a pine cone (obviously lol) with bark as the roof and the pine needles were like a shade making thingy ma doodle. (real scientific word right there) The fuzzy worm looking things are like, cusiony chairs.
Yay. A nice winter lodge for the snow faeries! ^_^


Who Watched the Rose Parade?

Who Watched the Rose Parade?I always love the rose parade for the natural floats. The rules say every part must be made of all natural materials and I just love it. Honestly, it amazes me that they are capable of making such incredible floats even with plastic and fake dyes. So, did anyone else watch? I feel bad for the horses. They must be so nervous.

Tilandsia… What is it?





Ever heard of an air plant? It seems impossible, but there are plants that don’t need to grow out of the ground. The remarkable Tilandsia genus of plants are all ever greens that require only sunlight, water, and air. I’ve been wanting one for awhile. They’re great for crafts and adding to little villages, especially ball moss. I also really like the color. While many are green, some actually grow in bright pink colors. The flowers are quite large for such small plants, although, they can grow to be very large!


I find it really fascinating that these plants can live on practically nothing. If humans could do that, there would be no war.

For All You Crafties


Here is a nice project you can do this holiday season! And here’s some history for you.
Did you know that most Judeo-Christian holiday traditions are based on pagan holiday practices? It’s pretty well known that Jesus wasn’t actually born on December 25th, so then why is that the day Christians chose to celebrate it? The reason, my friends, is that during the dark ages when Europe was being christianized, missionaries needed to find a way to make it easier for pagans to convert to a new religion. Instead of just going angry-no-l

They thought it would be an easier transition if they combined pagan holiday traditions with biblical ideas. Hence, we have christmas, a holiday celebrating Jesus’ birth that just so happens to be near winter solstice. But not on it. That would be devil worship. 😉
Paganism in Europe was a highly season based religion. Natural cycles were paralleled to the cycles of human life. Being that in the winter, most plants (especially food plants) appear to die, the pagans felt it was important to keep living plants in their homes to ward off whatever was the cause of all that death. That’s why we have so many ever green plants, like christmas trees, mistletoes, and poinsettia flowers.
The winter solstice is the shortest, darkest day of the year. It is arguably the most dead and wintery night too. So why would you celebrate it? Because after that, It gets better. The days only get longer and warmer from that point forward, so Yule, the pagan name for christmas, is really a celebration of the beginning of the return of life and growth. 

Here’s another fascinating one for you. Mistletoe means poop twig. It is highly poisonous, so if you’ve no one to kiss don’t try making up for it with serophelia. You might just die. Also, it’s a parasite! So many fun facts.


The Willoman

I really like this video. You never see his face, but the willoman is really recalling to life parts of the forest that people wouldn’t normally see, as well as raising awareness about wildlife. I really like what he’s doing. I also thought it was similar to building fairy houses! Except much much larger 😛

Reading is a Journey

Path_of_BooksI have made acquaintance with a number of humans who don’t like reading. It’s a truly appalling statement to me because not enjoying reading is like not enjoying talking. Birds can fly, fish can breath water, mantis shrimp can see 16 different primary colors and break the sound barrier with their claws alone. What do humans have? What can we do that is so special?

We have language.

Language in all it’s forms should be celebrated. Listening to it, looking at it, reading it. If you think about it, any language is an amazing feat. How did the first people come up with the first language when we had none to work with? Actually, I can’t say there was nothing to work with. There were no first people either. At what point did people become people? Evolution is tricky that way. Most animals have some form of communication, and some, like meer cats and parrots, actually have a very advanced vocabulary. Still, I think we can all agree (whether or not you believe in evolution) that language is an amazing and wonderful thing.

So why is it so shunned in modern society?
Reading has ALWAYS been a privilege, throughout history. In medieval times, the poor could not afford books and knowledge was confined to the wealthy and powerful. In the renaissance, after they invented the printing press, books were much more accessible (though still expensive) and were considered a top art form. Writing was the spread of knowledge. Oppressive rulers across the ages have banned and burned books because they know how much power a piece of paper can have!
Even today, in less fortunate parts of the world there are people who walk miles every day to learn how to read.

Books have intrinsic value. There is no such thing as a bad book, only bad writers.

It’s Finishedddd

IMG_1901 IMG_1902 IMG_1903

New House!!!


This little house is made out of white polymer clay. Right now it looks kind of princesses-y but I think after i add the roof it will look a bit more mature. I’m going to use black sand paper I just bought for that.

IMG_1895 IMG_1897I based the design off of this house