Life is a Game and I am a Faerie.



It comes as a surprise to many that I, a nature loving hippy, love playing bloody violent video games. For me, I see games the same as I see all of my life. Sometimes a beautiful story is presented. Sometimes a simple goal is set that needs to be reached. Read the rest of this page »


Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

This flower has come up a lot lately for me. It’s been kind of funny actually. The lily of the valley is one of the most harmless and innocent looking flowers on the face of the earth, and yet, it is also one of the deadliest… Read the rest of this page »

To Garden or Not to Garden

Flower Steps


Autumn quickly approaches–

Actually no. It’s here and it’s sitting on me and I can’t out from under it because IT’S SOOO COLLDDDD. I hate the cold sooo much. And the heater in my house is broken 😦 
I want to cherish the last few days of warmth that mother nature might produce and go outside but I’m hesitant to spend any money on gardening supplies because I’m trying to save up for a 3DS. There’s a tree in my backyard that has this really weird lump but i wan’t to put a mini village on it so it won’t be super noticeable and even if you did notice it you would need a magnifying glass to look at it. The problem is there isn’t much color around the tree and i want to plant flowers near it to brighten it up a bit.
To be continued. Class is over for now.
Time to go to math >_<

Itty Bitty Guillotine

As of late, my history teacher has been giving a ton homework almost every night. We’ve been learning about French history, and well… his relationship with me is rather like the catholics and the protestants. It doesn’t really matter anyway because I have a good grade in the class, but I would like to win my dear dictator’s favor.

I was thinking, perhaps I would make something relating to the class for him. But what? And then it hit me.



The French Revolution is coming right up in our books and I think my teacher would find it both amusing and slightly disturbing if I made him a wee little cabbage cutter to instill fear in the hearts of his people. Appropriate for the coming Halloween, no?

But how does one create a (working) miniature killing devise you ask?
I was thinking of using some thick grey/brown string for the rope and either bent wire or paper clips for the metal part. If i feel like including the torches (Which i think i do) I’ll add little matches. the wood will be harder, but my dad has a small wood sander (it’s the size of a pen) and I’m going to use that on a soft wood like bolsa, then I’ll paint it with watered down brown paint to act like a stain. As for the blade, I’m not sure… I can’t use an ACTUAL blade because no weapons are allowed at school and i would probably get in a lot of trouble, but what if i use several layers of tin foil and make it shaped into a blade?
Let me know what you think in the comments! ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

New House!

Not done yet....

Not done yet….

Tori made the windows!

Tori made the windows!

Well, it’s not done yet. I am working on window boxes and other details. As you can probably see, the pringles can i used as a base is showing through because WE FORGOT TO USE BROWN PAPER FIRST GAHHHH. DX
Oh well. Instead of just taking all the sticks off and gluing it again, I’m going to glue on more sticks to try to cover up Mr. Pringles over here. I might get some bark looking crackle paint too. that would be cool. but i don’t want to mess up the curtains. Tori made them really nice. That red material in the curtains is old pine needles and the blue is yawn (Yeah i cheated :P)
Any thoughts or opinions? leave a comment! ^_^


The Village

The Village

This is my first fairy village. Unfortunately, there was a huge rainstorm and a lot of it was ruined. I’m working on rebuilding– so that’s what this blog is for! Every week I’ll post pictures of my progress. 🙂