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The pictures are pretty self explanatory, but just look at this! I can’t believe the plants can survive in there, but now that I think about it, most trees (especially citrus) love living in used wine barrels. Something about the fermentation puts a lot of nutrition into the soil. I suppose it makes sense that the corks would be the same! It’s so important to recycle, in big ways and in small ones! Even though they are just corks, I’m glad they’re not going unappreciated. Those corks are nourishing the plants that live in them, even though they might have been tossed away. It’s a good reminder that even if you feel worn out, you’re always capable of contributing to the lives of others. Start a garden guys. Get a fish. You would be helping something out just through that. And besides, these are just so small and cutey pa tooty oh em gee. I definitely want to try this… Now off to find some alcoholics?



For All You Crafties


Here is a nice project you can do this holiday season! And here’s some history for you.
Did you know that most Judeo-Christian holiday traditions are based on pagan holiday practices? It’s pretty well known that Jesus wasn’t actually born on December 25th, so then why is that the day Christians chose to celebrate it? The reason, my friends, is that during the dark ages when Europe was being christianized, missionaries needed to find a way to make it easier for pagans to convert to a new religion. Instead of just going angry-no-l

They thought it would be an easier transition if they combined pagan holiday traditions with biblical ideas. Hence, we have christmas, a holiday celebrating Jesus’ birth that just so happens to be near winter solstice. But not on it. That would be devil worship. 😉
Paganism in Europe was a highly season based religion. Natural cycles were paralleled to the cycles of human life. Being that in the winter, most plants (especially food plants) appear to die, the pagans felt it was important to keep living plants in their homes to ward off whatever was the cause of all that death. That’s why we have so many ever green plants, like christmas trees, mistletoes, and poinsettia flowers.
The winter solstice is the shortest, darkest day of the year. It is arguably the most dead and wintery night too. So why would you celebrate it? Because after that, It gets better. The days only get longer and warmer from that point forward, so Yule, the pagan name for christmas, is really a celebration of the beginning of the return of life and growth. 

Here’s another fascinating one for you. Mistletoe means poop twig. It is highly poisonous, so if you’ve no one to kiss don’t try making up for it with serophelia. You might just die. Also, it’s a parasite! So many fun facts.

Itty Bitty Guillotine

As of late, my history teacher has been giving a ton homework almost every night. We’ve been learning about French history, and well… his relationship with me is rather like the catholics and the protestants. It doesn’t really matter anyway because I have a good grade in the class, but I would like to win my dear dictator’s favor.

I was thinking, perhaps I would make something relating to the class for him. But what? And then it hit me.



The French Revolution is coming right up in our books and I think my teacher would find it both amusing and slightly disturbing if I made him a wee little cabbage cutter to instill fear in the hearts of his people. Appropriate for the coming Halloween, no?

But how does one create a (working) miniature killing devise you ask?
I was thinking of using some thick grey/brown string for the rope and either bent wire or paper clips for the metal part. If i feel like including the torches (Which i think i do) I’ll add little matches. the wood will be harder, but my dad has a small wood sander (it’s the size of a pen) and I’m going to use that on a soft wood like bolsa, then I’ll paint it with watered down brown paint to act like a stain. As for the blade, I’m not sure… I can’t use an ACTUAL blade because no weapons are allowed at school and i would probably get in a lot of trouble, but what if i use several layers of tin foil and make it shaped into a blade?
Let me know what you think in the comments! ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

New House!

Not done yet....

Not done yet….

Tori made the windows!

Tori made the windows!

Well, it’s not done yet. I am working on window boxes and other details. As you can probably see, the pringles can i used as a base is showing through because WE FORGOT TO USE BROWN PAPER FIRST GAHHHH. DX
Oh well. Instead of just taking all the sticks off and gluing it again, I’m going to glue on more sticks to try to cover up Mr. Pringles over here. I might get some bark looking crackle paint too. that would be cool. but i don’t want to mess up the curtains. Tori made them really nice. That red material in the curtains is old pine needles and the blue is yawn (Yeah i cheated :P)
Any thoughts or opinions? leave a comment! ^_^