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And radical ones at that. 

       I’ve always been outspoken about the things that I believe, but it’s harder to do that in front of people you know. Many of the people following this blog are my friends and some of them are people that I would like to be my friends. This started out as a crafting blog with a hint of environmentalism, but that didn’t really work out and I became very conflicted. I would start to write posts and never finish because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to talk about: what people want to hear, or what I want to say? I think most people know that I am a vegetarian, but if they actually knew all they believe, I am quite certain I would lose friends. I know that because I’ve already lost friends over it and even my close family members have become angry with me about it. 

      My nuclear family hosts Thanksgiving every year, and that was always pretty great. My mom was stressed about the house not being clean enough for our cousins but the turkey was tender and juicy, the potatoes were fluffy, and the gravy was a river of fat and salt that no one could resist. They didn’t expect that to change when we went vegie. 

      My sister was actually the most upset of anyone. She argued with my mom for hours and hours about how unfair it was that we weren’t cooking turkey. She claimed it was completely unfair of us to keep the others from eating meat in our house, and not only that, but that we had the audacity to say that they couldn’t bring their own meat into our home. Her argument was that it was a tradition to have turkey and we should at least let others bring meat.

      Well, my sister got her way. She ended up bringing chicken curry, a very traditional thanksgiving dish. In her defense though, she was really proud of her recipe and wanted to share it with the family. Thanksgiving was a good time for that. 

      Anyway, I’m a little apprehensive about posting how I feel because whenever I make open statements my opinions are jumped on like raw meat by wild dogs. Despite that, in the interest of keeping my blog from dying, I will try to post. 

      Perhaps it will be interesting. Perhaps you’ll be offended. Perhaps you’ll bask in the glory of having found someone who shares you opinion. Either way, here goes:

      Killing animals is wrong unless it is absolutely necessary for survival. 

      ^ That’s what this blog is about now.