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Reading is a Journey

Path_of_BooksI have made acquaintance with a number of humans who don’t like reading. It’s a truly appalling statement to me because not enjoying reading is like not enjoying talking. Birds can fly, fish can breath water, mantis shrimp can see 16 different primary colors and break the sound barrier with their claws alone. What do humans have? What can we do that is so special?

We have language.

Language in all it’s forms should be celebrated. Listening to it, looking at it, reading it. If you think about it, any language is an amazing feat. How did the first people come up with the first language when we had none to work with? Actually, I can’t say there was nothing to work with. There were no first people either. At what point did people become people? Evolution is tricky that way. Most animals have some form of communication, and some, like meer cats and parrots, actually have a very advanced vocabulary. Still, I think we can all agree (whether or not you believe in evolution) that language is an amazing and wonderful thing.

So why is it so shunned in modern society?
Reading has ALWAYS been a privilege, throughout history. In medieval times, the poor could not afford books and knowledge was confined to the wealthy and powerful. In the renaissance, after they invented the printing press, books were much more accessible (though still expensive) and were considered a top art form. Writing was the spread of knowledge. Oppressive rulers across the ages have banned and burned books because they know how much power a piece of paper can have!
Even today, in less fortunate parts of the world there are people who walk miles every day to learn how to read.

Books have intrinsic value. There is no such thing as a bad book, only bad writers.